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Funny things these milestones – not just because I could make a number of nerdy engineering programming gags here, though I won’t – you spend ages counting down, thinking about their significance (sometimes a little emotionally…) and in the end, they arrive ready or not. I am supposed to be dealing with yet another box of acquired crap on my last day at Evans & Peck. I am sad (standby for arvo tears!) but am also feeling the adventure part of the adventure is no longer quite as dwarfed by the magnitude of the preparations. Time is about to race away, so hopefully I’m ready.

Lots of milestones left – moving/leaving Sydney, leaving Melbourne, arriving in the UK (not to mention winning the Ashes…) but they still seem far enough away that I don’t (yet) need to lie on the floor and use a large brown paper bag. Am actually finding the continual boozing of farewells sedative enough!


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I am keen, on one level, to record my pre-moving angst – to help keep the post-moving angst in perspective! Also, I do want to populate this blog with witty, charming entries before I send out my moving OS email – so if you’re reading this because the December archive seemed like a good idea, welcome!

Coupled with both a manic list of must-do last minute tasks and my general inability to commit to any journal in the past, I’ve been worried that anything I could possibly have written would have been the kind of scary-insights-too-painful-to-record, let alone share with the e-world or want to remember later. As tends to be the way, the concerns of my middle class, first world, life are tragic. I have a number of friends who are vital in reminding me just how good my life is, and how indulgent such whingeing can be.

Sure, I’m sad to leave my Sydney friends, worried about the packing/planning behemoth, am finding finally leaving E&P traumatic and am taking a while to adjust to the temporary state of job uncertainty, but really, everything will be fine. Or so I keep telling myself. Every time another bag of crap goes down the rubbish chute in my building, I try to convince my inner hoarder that my new state of Zen is both invigorating (and cheaper in terms of excess baggage) – and also an excuse to go shopping both in HK as well as London. But maybe somehow I’m winning the personal mind games.

Today at least, I feel like I am doing reasonably well – an earlier version of me would still be trying to see everyone, do everything, fix everything, but I am actually (while still manic by most people’s standards) coping OK and playing “Qué Será, Será”/lighting candles/practising yoga. So yes, here’s an insight to how up-in-my-own-head I am just now, showing how I clearly think I can cope!

V x

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