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Did far too much over the weekend, so am now exhausted on Monday – usually I make it to a lot later in the week before a second caffeine unit seems readily justifiable. Usually I hit the sugar wall at 3.30pm, but it’s all hard very early today.

A few if the reasons I’m so tired:

  1. Excursion on Saturday to Primark in Hackney with Emma, Rebecca and Nathalie – British women in the wild, scavenging through seriously cheap clothes. Safari in Africa flashbacks, but also some cheap t-shirts and some pants (I now know this means underpants here, not trousers) and a few things I ‘needed’ for my flat. (As an aside: Fair Trade week, and general focus on the ethics/environmental impacts of our consumer choices make me think I won’t do this a lot, but it was an interesting day trip. We also visited a crappy, brown, 70s style bakery/sandwich shop, and marvelled at how close we all were to H&I, but still miles away. Teeth missing, cigarette smoke haze, etc.) Another chance to experience the joys of living near(ish) to Highbury Stadium on the way home – Arsenal’s match day crowds! Yippee!
  2. A trip out to Lee (practically the countryside, actually a London suburb) to visit Catherine in her Veterinary Surgery for a delicious and entertaining Bangers & Mash lunch while she was on call. Met a few other Aussie vets and learnt about the dark side of the profession – surprisingly unregulated (especially cfconstruction) particularly in regards to safety.
  3. A late night at the Laugh for Life comedy evening last night, hosted by Bill Bailey, and including Dara O’Briain as the headline act, amongst others (Ian Stone, Rob Rouse, Glenn Wool & Geoff Whiting ). Lots of laughing = sore cheeks today. An excellent cause and some insight into CF.

As an entirely-unrelated aside, in a bit of shameless name-dropping I ran into D-Loh on Friday, completely randomly. Even though we’re facebook friends, and he, as it turns out, works in the same firm as Aidan, we had not arranged to be in the same Clerkenwell bar in advance, so it was cool. Band, a few bars of “It’s a Small World”, please…


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