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Cockroach, German

There is an article in today’s SMH that argues changes in Sydney’s cockroach population are due to global warming, or as the spin doctors have so cleverly re-branded it, climate change. I am not a environmental skeptic on the whole business (easy now, Gore Army) but feel this is a sign that the whole thing has got ridiculous. I for one will not be accepting climate trend evidence from a ‘naturalist’. As soon as someone tries to tell you that the lack of public toilets, late running of the tube, World Cup results, etc are caused by carbon emissions, run.
My eight years living in Sydney were a journey of cockroach phobia treatment (having never seen one before I moved to Sydney), then local population decimation through scientific principles. If this construction thing hadn’t worked out, I think I could kill them for ‘Straya. In fact, the absence (touch wood) of cockroaches Chez Moi is probably one of the blessings of a cooler climate?

I always thought it was a cute quirk that cockroaches from Asia could be named after a common historical foe – the Germans call them Russian cockroaches. (Both of) my English readers, might be interested to learn about the Stras/Devon sausage, a related Aussie peculiarity. Apparently it’s a highly reliable way to identify where an Australian hails from, but the general point to the story is that the processed meat (‘Strasburg’/’Stras’/’German sausage’) that lots of parents inflict on kids (in a sandwich with some tomato sauce) was renamed during WW2 as good little Aussie battlers were refusing to eat it. I think the fact that children will eat hideous processed pork because it’s called ‘Devon’ (also ‘Empire Sausage’ in parts) is the real story, but a nice historical link between nasty meat and freaky little breeders.


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