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A quick post as life’s been rather busy since Mum arrived and lots of work happened at once. I was inspired to post at lunchtime today when I returned to my office from site, and along the way I GAVE DIRECTIONS to a woman who SOUNDED ENGLISH (to me, my accent ear is crap nowadays) very cool.

But while I was standing around in EC1, I saw these cool mosaics of old school Space Invaders characters, which are on buildings and structures around the area:



And my favourite one, above Kurz & Lang, one of Farringdon’s best lunch shops:


So what’s it all about? This French artist puts them in cities all over the world, as part of his street art project. An interesting aim, but also something to spot in London. There seems to be a small collection here, but this map suggests others have gone up too, or that some tribute acts are around. Strangely appealing.


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