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Apologies for the lack of posts – a brutal combination of the weekend, laziness, studying for an exam and a massive drinking binge with corporate sponsorship intervened.

I did over the weekend catch up with some more Australians (trying not to be one of those Australians that just hangs out with other Aussies all the time, but they’re so addictive!) over the weekend, and discussed some of the following differences between life back home and here in the Old Dart.

You know you live in a globally important (but still terribly British) city when…

  1. Your Economist magazine arrives on a Saturday – this means your postie delivers 6 days a week (even if they do that in NZ too, perhaps undermining the argument), and you find out two days earlier how much the readership cares about the UK than your own, much-missed-but-not-that-important country (whole sections cf single article occasionally, generally unflattering…)
  2. People openly admit to loving the racist and embarrassing method your government uses to process illegal immigrants, rather than pretending to be offended/outraged and then privately (but compulsorily!) re-electing the perpetrators. It is alarming how many Poms would like to put all Eastern Europeans into a Woomera-like centre. Alarming too, how open they are about it, for a reserved people.
  3. The media is so unapologetically smutty, all the time. Crikey, get some clothes on! Have a few more women on telly who are more than bubbly/hot, co-hosting with an older, funnier, fatter, cooler man! As well documented by Kate Fox, even though Poms are highly reserved and private about their own lives (and even about those of close friends) the level of intrusive, smutty and sensationalist information about others in the avalanche of trashy media is boggling.
  4. Everyone has given a truly bizarre holy-cow-like status to things that don’t seem to deserve them. Trying to discuss institutions that perhaps could do with somereform do not go well – people respond with disbelief when you suggest that the Premier League, the crazy amounts of packaging on food or even the size of coins here are anything other than perfect. The number of people who can’t detect the kitsch value of the Eurovision Song Contest is enough to tell you people are taking the wrong things seriously!

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