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Despite being a little sickly (and correspondingly whiney about it…) over the weekend, I had a glorious time in the sun – more sunning of self in summery clothes (have started to think about all the best things sitting in Melbourne… sniff!), complete with sunglasses and sunscreen. Nuts. Am really getting into this English sun-worship, and completely ignoring the cells at the back of my brain that realise all this warmth induced high has to crash eventually. After all, they call it global warming, not global miracle!

After reading the paper at an outside cafe on Saturday with my coffee and pastry, I also had a dreamy time reading on my bed in the sun and drying my nail polish on the back steps. Real summer leisure – at 24 degrees! Have totally acclimatised…

On Sunday I had a lovely time out in the huge beer garden down the road with my housemates after a spot of toil in the backyard – the emergence of the deck, ready for BBQ is the big project at our place. Should have taken some before shots (haven’t taken any of it since the snow melted in Feb!) but the end results will be magic – local mates and visitors to this sunny town can expect lots of invites to functions…  Is very novel to not need citronella, as there are no bugs really to speak of – also no fly-wire on the entire house. My delight in not dealing with flies gives some insight into the reverse effect for both the colonials and UK holidaymakers. Not looking forward to seeing a fly or mozzie ever again!

My lamingtons last Friday went off, but will post about how selectively patriotic I’m becoming – other news to come are my two trips planning in May (to Berne for an Aussie Girls’ weekend that I’m calling “Weekend in Bern(e)” and a trip to the Paris IV, to adjudicate…)


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