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I am a staunch Republican, but have developed an admiration for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor since I realised she was as real as Helen Mirren. So I was delighted to read that she’d put the boot into a man no film could make me admire, George Dubya Bush.

Bush’s made a gaffe a day earlier, 14 minutes into his meeting despite extensive coaching, when he began to referto a previous visit by Her Maj for the USA’s bicentennial as occurring in 1776 (rather than 1976 – who let this guy graduate from High School? Who preps him?) A day later, the Queen bought down the house at a dinner at the British Ambassador’s place by beginning her remarks with:

“Mr President, I wondered whether I should start this toast saying I was here in 1776 but I don’t think I will.”

(By all reports, the guests went crazy for it.) Clearly Dubya is  a rather soft target, but the image of two hereditary office bearers going toe to toe on this in a fairly reserved venue is delicious.


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I have been having some fabulous after-work jaunts lately:

  • The Secret Life of Others with Analeise at the Barbican (an amazing, powerful, beautiful film)
  • A delicious Brazilian BBQ/Birthday Party with Alex, Marina & Emma – so much delicious food and drink
  • Equus with Nathalie at the Gielgud (impressive production, screaming girls watching Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliff get naked a little disconcerting)
  • Half Nelson with Hannah again, at the Barbican (complex, still digesting)
  • Have started my new Spanish class at City University
  • Dinner with Renee and Cisco in Chinatown

And lots more in the coming week or two. All this gallivanting around London has left me weary, so at first I thought I was seeing things when I saw posters for the cinema release of ‘The Upside of Anger’, which opens on May 4th in London. Although the publicity poster wasn’t familiar, I’m sure I’d already seen a similar film years ago – aren’t they flogging it on DVD in ‘Straya? What the? How many Joan Allen/Kevin Costner films does the world need?

I must confess to being useless in remembering actors and actresses and film titles etc, so am a regular user of the Internet Movie Database, IMDb.com.  (As an aside, this is a useful tool when you work with someone who retells movies often, but can also not remember things – ‘you know, the one with the guy from that movie about the two chicks that run away’, etc) I check just to that I’m not dreaming things on my way home on the tube and yes, the film was released in 2005! And, the Australian release date was 12 May 2005! Shouldn’t things come here first? Why the delay? If you read my blog and work in film, or just know about this stuff generally…. please explain.

[Yes, I’ve been on a little blog-holiday, sorry. Thanks to everyone who nagged me back into form!]

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