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I am a staunch Republican, but have developed an admiration for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor since I realised she was as real as Helen Mirren. So I was delighted to read that she’d put the boot into a man no film could make me admire, George Dubya Bush.

Bush’s made a gaffe a day earlier, 14 minutes into his meeting despite extensive coaching, when he began to referto a previous visit by Her Maj for the USA’s bicentennial as occurring in 1776 (rather than 1976 – who let this guy graduate from High School? Who preps him?) A day later, the Queen bought down the house at a dinner at the British Ambassador’s place by beginning her remarks with:

“Mr President, I wondered whether I should start this toast saying I was here in 1776 but I don’t think I will.”

(By all reports, the guests went crazy for it.) Clearly Dubya is  a rather soft target, but the image of two hereditary office bearers going toe to toe on this in a fairly reserved venue is delicious.


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